Which steadycam DSLR camera ?

It depends. What, are you going to ask? The answer is as varied as the wide range of DSLR cameras.
Indeed, there are even there small and larger camera bodies, different sizes and weights of lenses, etc.

As a guideline, it can be said that a normal DSLR camera with a standard lens can be very well balanced with the Gecko with a length of up to 10cm. However, the total weight should not exceed 2 kg. By centric weight structure of geckos, fast good effects can be achieved also for tripod-beginners.

For everything about it, we recommend the Jaguar (up to max. 4.5 kg). With DSLR cameras with large telephoto lenses is a balance tends to be difficult for beginners. This requires a lot of practice. Please also consider that you still have to hold with one hand the total weight.

There are also customers who manage a small DSLR camera with a “light” lens with the Lark balance.
This is for beginners but not recommended because it needs a lot of practice.