Lark or Gecko for Bridge Cameras ?

The Lark is suitable to principle rather small, compact digital cameras, smartphones and Actioncams. With the weights supplied, you can balance a camera weighing up to 1 kg.
Therefore it is quite possible to balance a bridge camera well with the Lark. However, this requires some practice, which is very sensitive just the Lark to light weight shifts (such as the zoom).

The Gecko has unlike the Lark a quick release plate, on which the camera can be directly aligned centrally. By centric weight structure of the gecko Tripodfüße is from the outset a certain “floating stability” present and balancing falls just beginners much easier. Through the 360 ​​° rotatable gimbal on basic pipe vertical movements are possible even from the state. When Lark with your own body you’d have it to move up and down accordingly.

Another advantage is a precise adjustment of the mounting plate through front-back and right-left dials. In addition, the gecko can be easy once parked with the weights as Tripod function.

In summary, one can say that it is possible with both systems, but the Gecko is the more comfortable and lighter version.