Gecko Steadicam

The Gecko steadicam is suitable for small to medium heavy cameras and camcorders. Even DSLR cameras with standard lenses can be balanced quickly. The maximum load capacity is 2 kg.

The Gecko is a steadicam and tripod in one. The base tube is made of lightweight carbon fiber and high-quality aluminum. On the steadicam head, counterweights can be screwed for exact balancing . The quick -release plate with millimeter marking ensures fast to balance various camera systems . The flexible handle Gecko steadicam is coated with a non-slip material , thus ensuring a steady hand guiding . In addition, the handle can be rotated by 180 °. The Gecko steadicam can be extended to a height of 360 mm. Through the patented tripod feet with quick release system, the steadicam can also stand freely. To transport a high quality bag is included.
With Firmcam steadicam you get a quality product in the sophisticated design and high functionality. The steadicams are suitable for almost all camera systems. Hands-free tracking shots without blurring and professional recordings are possible. The materials is of highest value on robustness and ease. Thus, the gecko is made of aluminum and carbon fiber. The quick change head consists of the base plate to the command dials and 100 % aluminum. This is complemented by stainless steel guide shafts and a gage brass.


  • Compatible with most cameras
  • Net Weight: 527g
  • felxible Size (280 – 360mm)
  • CNC precision aluminium
  • Anti-scratch paint