Selfie Stick Dragonfly

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The Selfie stick ” Dragonfly ” by Firmcam you get a quality product in the sophisticated design and high functionality.

The telescopic bar and ball head are made of durable and lightweight aluminum. With a weight of only 125g and a pack size of 30.5 cm, the Dragonfly is easy to carry and fits in any pocket. The stable ball head can cameras with ¼ inch thread and a max. weight of 500g record . The supplied adapter smartphone smartphones can safely absorb with a width of 58mm -80mm .

The telescopic pole consists of 4 segments which can be extended by a twist lock function to 95 cm in height. The handle is covered with foam and ensures a secure grip. The built-in hand strap provides added support. The handle is also a ¼ inch thread is so that the Dragonfly can be supplemented with other accessories.

Due to the materials used the Selfie Stick is also waterproof and suitable for underwater filming . On contact with salt water it should then be rinsed with clear water ( as with diving equipment available) and dried in extended state.

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