Tripod PRO

With the TRIPOD -Pro Professional Line of Firmcam they receive a quality tripod of the most demanding quality and functionality. The sophisticated design was developed with professional photographers and adapted to their needs. All stands are made ​​from the base tube to the tripod head out of carbon fiber and aluminum . This makes the tripods lightweight, sturdy and durable.


The tripods can be used as a tripod and monopod . The 4 tripod segments consist of 8 layers of carbon and guarantee the highest strength to weight ratio . By an automatic locking system , the legs in 3 different positions can be engaged. To fold the legs to 180 ° degrees . The extension is made by high quality 3 , rubberized aluminum screw caps . The center column and a tripod leg can be bolted together into a monopod . With a rubberized casing the monopod is to keep you safe . In the center column a hook system is integrated , which can be used for additional stabilization of the camera stand.


The stands are including a precise aluminum ball head with quick release plate and floor panoramic supplied with a ¼ inch thread . The perfect balancing , there are three integrated bubble levels . To customize the ball resistor on the camera weight of the ball head has a friction adjustment . The position of the ball head can be tilted by 90 ° for portrait format images. With the included adapter , the tripod can also be used as a macro – stand with a height of 20cm . The stand can be easily transported in the pouch . For outdoor use 3 spikes are supplied in stainless steel, which can be exchanged for the sturdy rubber feet easy.

3 Models

ModelFC255+FC38 (S)FC284+FC38 (M)FC324+FC44 (L)
Tragkraft (kg)101622
Diameter Kugelkopf (mm)383844
Diameter Stativbein (mm)24,52832
Stativbein Segmente544
Höhe Tripod (cm)120127139
Max. Höhe Tripod  (cm)154159174
Min. Höhe Tripod  (cm)202020
Max. Höhe Monopod144154168
Transporthöhe (cm)445056
Gewicht (kg)1,31,72,2
UVP (€)279,00299,00349,00