Gleann Bag Camera Bags

Highly resistant Gleann Bag serie of camera bags with its sophisticated outdoor design.
The Gleann Bag camera bag is available in sizes S, M and L.

Every Gleann Bag is made of strong cotton canvas and has many attachment loops which are firmly sewed to the fabric for a wide variety of mounting options. A removable inside pocket is able to hold a wide range of photo equipment. In sizes M and L this orange inner pocket has a cover flap which can be closed securely with a zipper. Thus the photo equipment is also well protected outside the Gleann Bag. The advantage of this removable bag is in the opportunity to use the Gleann Bag easily in various circumstances and to refill it with the photo equipment fast and easy.

Common to all sizes are a great number of sewn on pockets, metal rings and eyelets to attach all sorts of equipment. In sizes M and L there are also special straps to mount a tripod.

All sizes come with a grip handle, a padded shoulder strap and are approved as cabin luggage with all airlines. To protect the gear best the Gleann Bag provides a double cover flap consisting of an outer flap, closable with pushbuttons for an easy access to the camera, and an inner flap which is to be closed with a zipper (and fastened with Velcro strips when rolled up).
For use in rainy conditions a rain cover is included. All pushbuttons zip puller and snap hooks are made of sturdy metal.


Größe (cm) (BxHxT)20 x 28 x 1230 x 28 x 1335 x 26 x 14
Gewicht (g)76013201380
AußenmaterialBaumwoll - CanvasBaumwoll - CanvasBaumwoll - Canvas
Fassungsvermögen (L)6,7210,9212,74
Fassungsvermögen- Kompakte DSLR + ein weiteres Objektiv - Tablets bis 10" - Speicherkarten, Akkus, etc.- Kompakte DSLR + zwei weitere Objektive - Tablets / Laptop bis 12" - Speicherkarten, Akkus, Blitzgerät etc.- Kompakte DSLR + zwei weitere Objektive - Tablets / Laptop bis 14" - Speicherkarten, Akkus, Blitzgerät etc.
variable, herausnehmbarer Innenteilerjajaja
Innenteiler als extra Aufbewahrungstascheneinjaja
Anzahl Deckeltaschen222
Anzahl Fronttaschen122
UVP55 €69 €85  €