Lark Steadicam

Lark Steadicam – Action up

The Lark steadicam is a quality entry-level model for small devices like mobile devices or cameras, actioncams and allows a flowing and quiet film that inspires even the most demanding users. It is compatible with almost all small digital cameras and camcorders , as well as actioncams (eg GoPro ) and smartphones.

The handle of the low-friction gimbal is rubberized for a secure feel and the room freely. An integrated thumb rest allows a smooth change of direction and safe handling. Unique are the guide rails through which the handle can be adjusted to the nearest millimeter focal point of the camera.
The included weight segments at the base can balance up to 1kg. In addition, the weight carriage in direction and height can be adjusted , thereby folding camera displays can be easily balanced.

The package includes four stainless steel weights and a bag . The steadicam is made from high quality precision aluminum, the guide shaft in stainless steel. Available with weights 0.1 kg and 0.05 kg weight. With a net weight ( without extra weight ) of 495 grams , this steadicam is also suitable as a simple travel steadicam . Size: H25 x T20 cm x B3


  • Ideal for small devices: mobile devices or cameras, actioncams
  • Load max.1.0 kg
  • Net weight 450 gr.
  • Robust: All metal construction including movable components
  • foldable version available

NOTE : For camera systems with interchangeable lenses, and bridge cameras, we recommend the basic version GECKO or JAGUAR steadicam